School of Arts and Sciences

Curricular Programs :

Bachelor of Arts and Science

 Major in English

 Major in History



The Sulu State College situated in ARMM as Centers of Excellence able to produce globally competitive graduates and as institutional stewards in the development initiatives in the region.



 To provide quality and responsive education in science, technology and humanities as well as professional, vocational, agricultural and industrial fields.

 To serve as catalysts in the democratic and peace building processes.


Faculty and Staff

Presently, the School of Arts and Sciences has the biggest number of the faculty for it caters to the basic courses of the various undergraduate curricular programs of the College. It has three departments:

a. Language Department – 1 chairperson 32 faculty

b. Social Science Department - 1 chairperson 21 faculty

c. Science and Mathematics Department - 1 chairperson 21 faculty