SSC Through the Years
1924 Establishment by the American of the Sulu High School regarded as the highest institution of learning in the Sulu province that still included Tawi-Tawi
1970 Opening of the Job community by the government to make the college education accessible to the poor. This was under the supervision of Mr. Mukatil U Salih, the principal of the Sulu High School
1974 The conversion of Sulu high school into a national high school through the initative of the late Congressman Salih Ututalum and rename Dayang Dayang Hadji Piandao Memorial High School in honor of late Pangian (Queen) of Sulu.

In February of the same year, the two institution (SHS and JCC) were razed the initiative of the ground due to the conflict between the MNLF and the Government. Immediate rehabilitation was then undertaken.
1982 By virtue of Pambansa Blg. 208, the Sulu High School and Jolo Community College were merged into what is now the Sulu State College headed by Mr. Mukatil U Salih as acting President until his retirement 1989.
1989 Dr. Norma A. Abdulla succeeded Mr. Salih and became the first full-fledged president of the Sulu Sate College. College classes were then transferred from poblacion to the Capitol site which is now the main campus.
1991 Opening of the School of Agriculture offering the Ladderized two-year in Diploma in Agricultural Technology.
1993 A big leaf forward was the opening of the Graduate School offering graduate programs in MAED, MA in Social Science and Master of Public Administration.

The construction of the gymnasium, Administration building, Registrar’s office, establishment of the computer center and fencing of the main campus were some of the accomplishment of Dr. Abdulla’s administration
1995 Dr. Abdulla retired but was granted a hold-over capacity as OIC of the college until January 1, 1996.
1996 DECSRO IX assistant Regional Director Ibrahim A. Albar took over as OIC on January 2 until May 12, 1996.

May 13, 1996 – Turning over the College administration by Dr. Albar to the newly appointed president, Dr. Hamsali S. Jawali. The new president immediately instituted innovations like providing computers in various units of the college for the computerization of records and streamlining of record keeping-procedures. New administration designations from the Vice President down to department chairperson were effected. The Office of Administration was created to oversee admission policies of the College.

Other undertakings such improvement of the school facilities, updating of curriculum programs and syllabli, faculty and staff development, issuance of the student handbook, improvement of the student services, offering of new fields of specialization in response to the needs of the service area and the construction of the new infrastructure became the hallmark of the new administration. A tractor and a new motor vehicle were procured and another infrastructure was started with the construction of the two-storey 16-classroom Laboratory High School building.
1997 The offering of the ladderized two-year computer technology course and the construction of the two-storey building housing the computer center.
1998 The construction of the School of Agriculture building, the fishpond and the communal irrigation at the Gandasuli campus and business administration building and circumferential road within the main campus.
1999 Construction of Art and Science building, the student center and multi purpose center at the main campus and the construction of the guardhouse at poblacion site.

The Sulu State College is aspiring to extend its facilities and curricular offerings to meet the needs of its service area. The administration is determining to fulfill the Institution’s mission and vision of becoming the center of higher learning in the province of Sulu and Tawi-Tawi and provide a better life of the people in the outlying southernmost island of the country.