About Us

Goals and Strategies

With a period of five (5) years from school year 2008-2009 to 2011-2012, the following goals will be pursued: (1) to improve and expand the physical plants, its facilities and more curricular offerings to meet expected increased in enrollment; (2) to make the college center of social interaction and lead in the revival of the cultural heritage; and (3) strengthen the holding power of the College by improving the competencies of the faculty and the staff of the Guidance and Counseling services.

Consistent with the aforesaid goals, the following strategies will be employed by the College Administration: (1) establishment of the academic programs and other related fields such as researchers, advance studies and health services; (2) strengthen the non-formal education program and train as many out of school youth and unemployed adults as possible. Supplement budget may be submitted to support this concern; (3) course in the electrical and mechanical fields and pre-engineering course should be offered to give ample time and opportunities for the young people to advance technically and professionally. The assistance of some political leaders should be solicited for adequate funding purposes; (4) to undertake the construction of more building for the college to house the new additional course to included the infirmary, library, guidance center, sport youth center which will accommodate the ROTC Office, (5) strengthen public and human relations by establishing barangay base community service through adopting of in-service training programs and seminars to improve the delivery of educational services.

Resource persons from the medical professional, legal luminaries, education, business, military, NGO’s and the religious sector should be invited; (7) sell the College as an instrument of Development for Muslims by inviting personalities from the embassies of Muslim Natives to provide support in whatever manner as long as it does not impinge on the character of the Filipino; (8) faculty and students should be encouraged to read more bocks and other educational literature for self improvement; (9) strengthen student literary and journalistic skills thru the school paper under a personnel in variety and (10) massive information drive on education livelihood and peace education so that better quality of life will be achieved.