• The Sulu State College as Centers of Excellence in ARMM, producing globally competitive graduates and as institutional stewards in the development of the region.
  • - To provide quality and responsive education in science, technology and humanities as well as professional, vocational, agricultural and industrial fields.

    - To serve as catalysts in the democratic and peace building processess. .
  • As an institution of higher learning is to continuously pursue excellence in its programs and encourage efficiency and effectiveness in its operation or the fulfillment of its vision to become a university in the near future. .
  • We, the officials and employees of Sulu State College, commit to:

    - Be the center of academic excellence with Agriculture, Nursing and Computer Science as, flagship programs providing preferential option to the marginalized sector in the Province of Sulu;

    - Serve as a catalyst of change, dynamic and competitive cultural capital;

    - Ensure strict compliance with service standards adhering to reason in the delivery of our frontline services;

    - Respond to the changing needs and demands of our clients through empowering and liberating the Tau-sug from the yoke of mass poverty and ignorance;

    - Uphold effective and efficient delivery of academic goods and services among our clientele so as to achieve transparency and accountability, and,

    - We pledge to deliver quality, responsive, innovative and satisfactory academic services among our clients for the sake of service to GOD and country. .
  • Because our primary concern is to provide quality service to our clients, please send your comments, recommendations and complaints through the following:

    1. Accomplish our feedback form available at the ground floor of Sulu State College Administration Building, Jolo, Sulu;

    2. Talk to our Officer of the Day in charge, if you are not satisfied with the service;

    3. Email us at admin@sulusc.edu.gov

    Thank you for helping us continuously improve our services. .