About Us

Institutional Philosophy

The Sulu State College must be a catalyst of change in the social, moral, physical and economic development in the area with special focus on the quality of life of the marginal sector such as farmers, fishermen, low-income workers and such like;

 Program for academic excellence shall assure top priority in the Sulu State College’s goals so it can lead in developing quality leaders in the area;

 Strong faculty and staff preparation enhance and promote better standard of performance to sustain dynamism of the college;

 Maintaining a distinctive competence in the core curricular will establish high capability in terms of skills and knowledge that the students bring with them when they go out of school to face the world of work.

 The school of agriculture must maintain instruction side by side with production because wisdom is not told but gained by experience; and

 A well balanced program of research extension and agri-business projects strengthens the foundation for the development of the College.


The Sulu State College situated in ARMM as Centers of Excellence able to produce globally competitive graduates and as institutional stewards in the development initiatives in the region.



 To provide quality and responsive education in science, technology and humanities as well as professional, vocational, agricultural and industrial fields.

 To serve as catalysts in the democratic and peace building processes.